Refresh. Reset. Redo.

I have never been short of ideas, but I do lack a little in the just-do-it department. After detailing yet another “Wouldn’t it be funny to write about…” to a group of friends, I decided it was finally time. It’s been over 11 years of child rearing, with my youngest (Little C) on the cusp of full-day school, so I figure I should (yawn) find myself. Not that I am lost. I love my life. My family is my world–with all its fire and folly and joy–but my world needs to grow again. I used to be a writer. I am going to be a writer once more. So here’s the gig: 27 days to expose myself to something new. Once I conquer that challenge, I hit reset and redo 27 days of a different experiment. From awkward to interesting, I invite you to follow along.  Join me if you dare.